Licence disconnecting when robot orch settings screen closed

Hi guys,

We have enterprise licences for one unattended and one development robot

The unattended has randomly started ‘losing’ its licence which makes it unable to run processes or any quick debugging within studio.

I’ve found the only solution is to keep the robot orch settings screen open

If I close the settings screen the licence will disconnect. If that happens I have to go back in, disconnect machine, reconnect and leave it open when starting a job in Orch.

This has randomly appeared as an issue this morning. Previously I’ve never seen this before. Located in Australia, so unsure if its related to outages from the last week.

Any help would be appreciated.


If anyone else has this issue please see: Robot Unlicensed , There are no available licenses on the server - #18 by codemonkee

I ended up changing the runtime to the machine to 0 (it gave an error), then switched back to 1. Closed orchestrator and it then licence connected and worked… I don’t have any idea why as I technically changed nothing.

If you are using an unattended Robot, does that mean you registered the Robot as a Service? I would check the Event Logs to see if there are any errors reported there, or in the Log files generated by the Robot. (If you’re interested in trying to figure out the root cause)

Nah its a standard robot unattended. All log files came back with licencing issues. I did find the machine was stating “The machine cannot reserve a slot”.

Doing nothing seemed to resolve. I believe you were able to replicate the issue codemonkee previously: Robot not Available to run jobs!

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That does ring a bell a bit. Each time I’ve seen something like that with Cloud, it’s been a hiccup on the cloud side. Other than testing while helping other, I don’t often touch the cloud/community offering - I manage a private on-prem installation and haven’t run into those sorts of random licensing issue yet.

Yeah I believe it would just be an issue with the cloud. Our infra hasn’t changed between the friday and monday.

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