Licence Activation issues

I have upgraded the UiPath studio after that when I try to Activate license key, Choosen ‘aquire orchestrator licence’ option and click next getting this message


You are getting message as you are using Unattended BOT license. You can click I agree button and continue. There won’t be any issue.

Thank you for your response

So in this case can we able to use as we use earlier studio?Or Able to make changes in project work flow?


Yes you can.


It’s an UiPath upgraded version and it’s completely fine on clicking I agree and
You can make changes to your previous xaml files when opened with this new studio

And if there is any activity missing once after opening, go to Manage Packages and install the relevant packages which are missing
Mostly will be there but for some activity package it might require you to install again

Hope this would help you

Cheers @vivek.gupta

@Palaniyappan Thanks