Library with multiple activities and Main.xaml


This feature of reusable components is very useful. I would like to learn more about it. I tried it out, I created a library and published it. Then I added the dependency to a project and used the new activity from the library. Everything works fine. Then I created multiple .xaml files, each file being its own activity, and it works but the .xaml referenced in the “main” parameter of the project.json file (project.json (1.1 KB)
) is the first activity I created (CustomActivity.xaml). Also, the “arguments” parameter of the project.json file contains only the arguments of that first activity. There is no mention of the other .xaml files. Then I referenced an empty Main.xaml file in the “main” parameter but when I used the library in a project there was an activity called “Main” that did nothing. I made this Main.xaml file private and then it didn’t appear as an activity anymore.

What I don’t really understand is how should the project.json file look for a library with multiple activities? Here are a few questions that I have:

  1. Should there be any “main” referenced in project.json?
  2. Does it matter which file is referenced as “main”?
  3. Is it ok to reference an empty .xaml file as “main” and make that file private?

Thank you!

Curious about this too. The Main property seems kinda useless in the case of libraries, just looks like the library format is based on the other project types, which is probably why there’s still a Main workflow included.

I’m also curious whether it’s possible to add descriptions and icons to individual custom activities (which will appear in the Activities panel), or whether this will be available in coming versions.