Library Usage

Hi all,

I have an interesting question.
How I can check in which robots a library is used?

Hi @zhasmina.dimitrova

You can download all packages from Orchestrator and grep by the library name from all project.json files in folder of packages to get the result.

@wusiyangjia thank you but I don’t quite catch how to do it

I can loop through all json files, but how can I get values from keys?

Start you playing with these:


Item: JSONText.GetValue(“dependencies”)
folderPath: CurrentFile.ToString
arrayOfText: Split(folderPath.tostring,“\”)
processVersion: arrayOfText(arrayOfText.Count-4)

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Thank you! It worked!

@marian.platonov I have one more question.
Under “dependecies” there are many packages used.
How is it possible to store each package name and version and transfer them into a dt?

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