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I’m currently working on a library system where the librarian will scan the book/magazine borrowed/returned by the user. By running the RPA the following day, it will send the user an email saying the title, loan date as well as the due date. However, how do i send an email with more than one title when the user borrow more than 1 book/magazine? Sorry if the images are blurry, using an intranet laptop.

You should either consider sending separate mail per book or build additional step where process will check for duplicates in usernames and if there will be more that 2 records then write email with body consist of these many titles.


In addition to what @Pablito said

It would be easy if u send mail in tabular format same as shown as table

For one row of data u can send mail in tabular format Accordingly.

I think it would be an easier approach

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How do I check for duplicates in usernames

You can for example use a method to count how many times particular user exist in your data table. Use assign activity and use expression:
`.DefaultView.ToTable(True, )

This will return you another datatable where each user will be counted by how many times he was in the source datatable.