Library Projects vs Workflows

Hi Everyone,

Just wondering what the thoughts are on using Workflows converted to activities in a custom Library Package vs having the same workflow locally in the Process. Does this impact processing speed at all (even at millisecond level) or is this negligible?


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I’ve not noticed a difference in speed for any of the libraries I’ve created. However, a well-designed library will throw informative errors, and checking for valid input and throwing these errors adds to the library moreso than if it were written as a workflow. The main thing to keep in mind is that a library failure only shows you that using the library failed and returns the error, whereas a workflow error can go into the workflow to show you exactly where the error occurred.

So that said, if the library is written the same as the workflow, the time is the same. But libraries usually are better written with more, so this would take more processing time.


Thanks, that would seem to fit with what we’re seeing aswell but I can’t test it down to the minutiae :slight_smile: