Library: Invoke/Call itself

Dear Forum members

I’m currently building a Library. In this Library, I have a couple of functions. Some of the functions would require each other. It does not seem to be possible to call library functions within a library function - is this correct?
Example. I have the following “modules”:

  1. Open Application
  2. Login to Application 1

Now I would like to create a “module”, let’s say “Open and Login”, and call
1 and 2 at the same time with 0 - n attributes - depending on the use case.

Is this doable without another Library?

Hi @binaer,

You can do this by creating a new Workflow, let’s call it C. There, you can invoke A and B. As you would do within a normal process.


worked. There was a problem with dependencies (on itself, etc… - don’t ask :wink: ). Once resolved, it worked great!

Thank you.

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I have the same situation, that I have library activites that use other library activities.
How did you manage to solve this issue?

of cause you can make a workflow that uses the library activities and then invoke that in a process, like below. But how do I set it up if I want the InvokedWorkflow as a libraryActivity?

  • MainProcess
    – InvokedWorkflow
    ---- LibraryActivity1
    ---- LibraryActivity2

HI @Dan_Wulff_Andersen

Yes… you can do it…

Create a library project and create the workflows you want to be invoked in the main solution. Once you are done, publish the library solution as a nuget file.

Now in the main solution, under dependencies, install the published library function using the nuget file. Once installed, the workflows you created will be listed under your activities panel under the library solution name.

That was not my question.

I guess that I just have to make multiple libraries. So library A can use activities from library B