Library files not working after deployed the product machine

Hello All.
I created a library files and published the file’s and I’m used those library files in my project. It’s worked upto same machine but after publishing my project I’m copy the my project nuget package into another machine. Here the product machine. While running the robot from robot try I’m getting library files error… Please any one help me.

Thanks in adavance

Make sure that those libraries are listed in the main project.json as dependencies

Yeap same thing i’m done still getting error,Please check (images) if i misss anything
,please drop your suggection here

“name”: “Messagebox”,
“description”: “Blank Process”,
“main”: “Main.xaml”,
“dependencies”: {
“testing_file”: “[1.0.2]”,
“UiPath.Excel.Activities”: “[2.9.3]”,
“UiPath.Mail.Activities”: “[1.9.3]”,
“UiPath.System.Activities”: “[20.10.1]”,
“UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities”: “[20.10.6]”


Did you resolve this, having the same issue. Would be great if you could share the outcome.