Library creation

Hello everyone! I’m creating a library, but when added to the activity my file appears, which is needed and still empty NewActivity. Why and how to remove it?


Hi there @RPA3,
When you create a new Library solution, you will have a default file ‘NewActivity’.

If you do not require this file, simply:

  1. Open the Library Solution
  2. Delete the ‘NewActivity’ file
  3. Republish the Library
  4. Open your solution using the Library
  5. Update to the latest version of your Library

After following the above, you should no longer see the ‘NewActivity’ file.
Thanks in advance,

How to make this file initially not appear during creation?

Hi there @RPA3,
Good question, I do not think you can amend this within Studio.

It is similar to how creating a new Process Project will generate a ‘main’ file.