Libraries per tenant

Hey there,

we administrate many tenants from different departments and we don´t want that one department is capable to see the libraries of other departments which can contain system relevant data (not best practice but it happens).

It would be really handy if the orchestrator handles libraries per tenant. At the moment all tenants shares the same folder which is strangely configured by the "NuGet.Activities.Path’ parameter in the web.config.

Is there a chance that this feature will see any sunlight?

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Mario (Lunk)

Hi Mario,

This is something we are aware of and working on addressing in the near future. Along the same vein, are there other areas in the product where you found yourself in need of tenant-level isolation?



Hi Nic Surpatanu,

thanks for your answer. It is good to hear that this is already a thing!

All other features/pages are separated at tenant level.
Only the encryption-key isn´t isolated at tenant-level. But this isn´t really important, it would only improve the security standards of the product.

Thank you in advance for your answer. Have nice holidays :slight_smile:

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Marked as completed :slight_smile: