Libraries Error 20.10.4

I have a problem with all the libraries that I publish with version 10.4, each library has inside xml files from which to read templates.
When I start debugging it always returns an error because the xml file that should read in the library goes to look for it in the project where it was run… any ideas to solve?
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Hi @Angelo_Savino

Could you provide a more visual example of your situation? A few sample screenshots of your setup would prove useful.

hi Angelo,
i know this is an old post, but just in case you or someone else is still interested in an answer.

For some reason the behavior for Libraries is changing with every major release. The issue is with the CurrentDirectory system variable, which is used if you specify only relative path. In v18 the current directory was not changed at all (remained folder from original project), in v19 the current directory was changed only if there were any extra folders in the library and in v20 again the current directory remains the one from calling project (not library). This is quite annoying to see the same code behaving differently when published with different version.

The solution for this is to fully qualify the path to the library which contains all the files you want to use (be aware you will have to always update the version number):