Level3 get text 에러

level3 하고 있는데 계속 저 에러가 반복되고,
어쩔땐 정상적으로 작동되어 다음 액션으로 넘어가는데 어쩔땐 안넘어갑니다,

Could you give a screenshot of you error message?

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I’ve modified. thank you!

Are you using chrome or IE? Did you open a new tab in the browser to navigate to SHA1 Online?

yes, i used IE and Open browser activity was used.

Have you tried using the data scrapping wizard?

  1. Check if the selector is dynamic if yes make use of ? or * whichever suits your requirement.
  2. Make use of attach browser.

Try going through the process in debug mode, and use highlight event so you know exactly where the error is. It may be because you browser hasn’t loaded finish yet.

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