Level3 Assignment2

Hey Friends, I have completed the assignment2 and getting proper output. But still UiPath evaluation is failing meRoboticEnterpriseFramework.zip (513.8 KB)

I dont get why. Can anyone send me (swetagriet@gmail.com) the issue or the package thats evaluated successfully.

I am using Chrome because my IE has issues.
I am using one single workflow to – navigate to workitems, scrape table, filter the rows and store them in csv file. I could manage to finish that with few activities so did not use multiple workflows after the killallprocess workflow.

@swetha_pattabhi how you’re uploading the file it should be in zip, and mail should be same for acme login and Academy. Make sure those two are same or not.

i believe the problem is the downloaded monthly reports.
despite chrome downloads the csv file but the content of file is incorrect, basically it wraps “404 [Routes]” in csv file format.
can you check the downloaded content of the csv files ?

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