Level3 Assignment2 Selector not working for yearly report on upload Report page

Hi everyone,

in Level3 i have created dispatcher and performer.

dispatcher worked correctly , coming to performer i am getting problem in year selection
after click year box i have written in another click activity like

While i am creating yearly report
vendor id is capturing correctly but at year dropdown selection is not happening

year selection always showing ‘2017’

actually its stuck at that selection year is already showing ‘2017’ in debug mode, in application its showing only 2018 and 2019. for instance i am sharing the screenshots.

please help me in this so that i can complete this level3 asap


Thanks in advance!

Hi @gurrapujp

Inside process use assign create variable (ReportYear=(Now.Year-1).toString).
This ReportYear variable pass in_Year argument here previous year will enter.


Kommi Jeevan.

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thank you for fast reply i will implement right away

click activity in properties panel simulate type select check box and then try.

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Hi kommijeevan,

i have implemented but the downloads are repeating,again and again same files were downloading and got stuck asking while save replace file or not.

the cursor is not moving from 1 page to next page.

and after downloading file its not closing showing error after some time closing

thanks in advance

After download report you can use merge Data table and delete that file please find below screen shot.


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hi kommijeevan,

its already i have developed above said one merge datatable and reportfilepath,Readcsv file

i donot know why its always again and again downloading

Thanks and regards

did u loop through your month arraylist?

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yes i have looped

Hi Every one,

Thank you for your support laksman,kommijeevan,MythiGold i have completed the Level3.

For above scenario just i have cleared all and implemented ‘reportyear=now.year-1’ restarted system. just run the code every thing worked.

Thanks and Regards,
Jayaprakash Gurrapu

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