Level3 - Assignment1 - while opening the web browser errors out

For the Assignment1, I have created a Sequence to open the login page of url

It opens the browser with the URL, but not loading the content of the site. Shows the attached error message.

If I load it manually it works. Can anyone please help to resolve this.

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open in chrome and try!

Do I need recreate all the Sequences with Chrome browser?

clear all cache and try again! in IE itself once

I have cleared the cache and tried again. Same issue exists.

When I run that particular Sequence file “System1_Login.xaml”, it works fine. If I run the Main.xaml, it failed with the error on browser.

Which version of IE you are using check its supported or not ,hope you are using attach browser.

check the url and paste it again in config file!


Hello and welcome to the community.
Kindly check the URL . https should be followed by ://
I see from the above URL it is https:/acme-test.uipath.com

Thank you so much Sowmya. Its working now.

I badly missed the :// on Config file which caused the issue.

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Thanks Pradeep. I have changed the config file url and its working now.

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