Level3 Assignment WIID value

Hi all,

I am stuck with workflow where we generate Workitem details page is generated dynamically based on WIID.

I used debug mode to see whats happening,

  1. till Datatable is generated all is well
  2. Even WI5 items are generated based on condition
  3. after going to workflow GetTransactiondetails, even Transactionitem is generated.

here I am getting individual transaction item from filtered WI5 datarow,

-> here the flow will return to process workflow to process the transaction and generate the hashcode.

My problem is, 1) we need to pass the Workitems URL to generate workdetails flow. it is as follows,

in_Config(“System1_URL”).ToString +"/work-items/"+WIID

I don’t know how to get this WIID value from Transactionitem, as it is out of scope in this workflow.

can someone please help on this,

Assignment1_issue.pdf (376.7 KB)

I have attached the screenshot of workflow step by step


I got where prob is, due to not assigning Transactinitem to in_transactionitem for WIDdetails page.