Level 4 Quiz question?

I’m going through the questions in the level 4 quiz and the first one is this.


As far as I can tell there is no coverage of this in the training materials so why would it be set as a question?

If it’s important enough to be asked about then it should be covered in the training (in my opinion).

Questions shouldn’t be set where the only way to answer them is to guess if you have gone through the training materials.

Ranting over!

PS not quite over!

Here’s another one


Firstly forget about the tick (I just guessed it, it’s the biggest selection of text so must be the fullest selector, right?)

If anyone has a link to describe how to understand what is going on in these selectors I’d be delighted to read it and try to understand but think these questions are not covered by the material (as I’ve said).

Brief rant pause.

Refer this @charliefik


Thanks very much for the links

They have helped with my understanding somewhat (I think)

The selector consists of the last node which represents the GUI element that interests you and previous nodes are the parents.

This is my understanding (I may be way off):

So for the first question you are attaching a browser so you would look at the last 2 answers as they both have nodes containing a browser element (the second answer looks like it’s web related, a control element from the browser but the browser isn’t defined).

So what makes 3 right and 4 wrong? Ans 4 has a node which is defining a specific element from the browser (the webctrl element) so it’s too specific here we just want to attach the entire browser in the activity.

For the second question the difference between full and partial selectors is that partial selectors are used when already enclosed in a container (Attach browser or Attach Window) so they don’t need to show the top level part of the selector (i.e. the application)

This means in the question 9 example where we are looking for full selectors we are going to need to see an application node as the first part of the selector in this case ans 1 and ans 3.

I think that the quizzes should have full descriptions of the answers when you are checking your results so you can understand the things you need to clarify instead of just showing the correct answers that you’ve chosen without any explanation of those you got wrong, (maybe this encourages you to go and look for yourself to find the answer but it might also be good to have a full explanation to clarify the solution in case after looking for yourself you end up having got the wrong end of the stick, I’m hoping I haven’t in this case but I might have which is why I’ve outlined my understanding of the answers) you may even want clarification of the ones you got right (maybe you guessed an answer).

Anyway big thanks to @sreekanth for the help and I will look in the docs sections going forward for fuller understanding about various knowledge gaps (however I do think that in the training at least links to these should have been given if questions about them are going to be asked and the material not covered in the training itself)

Just for anyone that is reading this Lesson 6 is all about selectors so hopefully this lesson will enlighten anyone having trouble with these selector questions (maybe they should be in the Lesson 6 quiz rather than the Lesson 4 quiz where selectors haven’t really been covered)

You should not discuss quizz questions here. If you have a specific issue in activity that is fine. This would not be fair for the ones who would be appearing in exam in future. Also it will degrade the level of the exam. Academy has created a wonderful course with great content. We should respect that.

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I agree that the academy is very useful what I am saying is that I think that some of the questions are unfair as the questions asked were not covered by the material in the course.

In later lessons there is a section on selectors I think these questions should have been asked at that point not based on the learning material that was covered at this stage.

In my opinion the point of the academy is to improve the students understanding of the product not to ask them questions that they can only guess the answers to.

Are you suggesting that this should not be discussed?

If there is a better forum for this discussion where should it be?

No this is the best forum for UiPath and I don’t think there is any except this. Also academy has tried to include every possible and important topics and there are some what we should explore on our own by practicing.

You are free to ask an issue that you are facing while practicing. Forums are made to evolve day by day by the users themselves so we should take responsibility to improve ourselves and forum as well.

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i have a question. can full and partial selectors used inside the container(attach window)?

Yes you can but if there is already a Container there is no point of using Full Selector. Partial selector would work well in containers.


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That’s a valid concern! I had exactly the same question.
As far as I understand now, the difference is easy to spot: you need to look at the first tag and see if it’s a top container, or something else. If it has “app” inside - that’s a full selector. If it’s not - it’s a partial selector.
I found a great link about selectors https://github.com/cbladd/UiPath/wiki/Selector while browsing another question on this forum (Lesson 6 quiz nav tag)