Level 3 RPA Academy Assignment 2 Dispatcher

Attempting to upload my work items to the queue but the robot minimizes the window and can’t find the element.
Process.xaml (13.5 KB)

Any ideas about how to make this selector? Already passing it in as a string variable:

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If I remember correctly, it was the TransactionNumber to be passed, not TransactionItem


Hi @nlee1131,

@c.ciprian’s correct. You should use in_TransactionNumber.ToString instead of in_TransactionItem

Thanks and regards :slight_smile:

@c.ciprian I changed the selector, it still gets an ‘Activity timeout exceeded’. This could be due to upon running the workflow, after logging in it collapses all my windows on both desktops.
Main.xaml (50.2 KB)
project.json (810 Bytes)
If you don’t mind taking a look at them, that’d be greatly appreciated. If you need other files just let me know.


Applications should not be minimized. Try debugging and see where / why they are.

This is a screen recording of it being in debug mode.
There’s nothing in my workflows that should cause it to collapse all my windows.

Another thing to note:
This only happens when running the dispatcher. When running the performer it works as expected.

Upload all the files for the project (zipped)

I was able to get the dispatcher working, I don’t quite remember what I changed. I’m now having issues with the month selector in the Performer