Level 3 Problem :(

Again I am addressing the 3 level. Why can a new browser be opened for each transaction? A new browser window opens → logging in → One person is processed -->browser closed again. I have done everything as per instructions

Hi @Darya

I guess you are working on the academy Advanced Level 3 practice.

So, in these assignments, The Open browser activity should be used only in the Init state where you initialize the entire process. So, in the Init state, you have a open browser activity and you porvide the URL, login and navigation to work items.

In all the other states (Get Transaction Data, Process), you should use the attach window activity to attach the opened browser to be used for processing. You must have used it differently… That could be the reason.

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While developing, I saw this behavior when there was an exception thrown during the execution of Process.xaml. Check your output pane to make sure there are no errors/warnings/fatals reported. If that doesn’t help, set a break point and run in debug mode. Use the Step Into button to walk through your code step by step to see where the new browser window is being called


That’s exactly correct. Just like @pumrum mentioned, I also have faced the same scenario… It could happen many number of times depending on the retry count you have set in the config file. So check whether you get any run time errors by executing the workflow in debug mode. This will help to easily identify the runtime issues. And also check the attach window and Open browser activities are used in appropriate locations… That could help figure out what is going wrong…

Let us know if that does’t help… would be glad to help

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