Level 3: issues in Assignment 1

HI All,

I have completed level 1 and level 2 successfully, now working on Level 3 assignment 1. But have some issues,

  1. Giving error as “Open Browser: Cannot communicate with Internet Explorer browser.” yesterday it was working well but
  2. Multiple IE tabs are opening for Open browser activity

Not sure why this is happening. Any idea ??

Thanks & Regards,

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Hi , If you are Using Edge browser , pls uninstall the extension and install back
If you are using IE , then the issue could be because of Cache
Please close the studio , then clear the cache from Internet properties option and restart the studio and try again

No use, still facing issue

Hi , Can you pls put your workflow screenshot to understand how you are using the open browser Activity

Sure, below attached the screenshot


Please check below thread and follow the steps to resolve this issue.

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tried all @lakshman , still facing same issue

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Hello @yasmeen_mirza

Did the Studio version change since the last successful run?
Can you tell me on which activity does throw this error? Is it the open browser or the activities inside it?