Level 3 Exercise 2 Failure when run out of transactions

Hi All,

The workflow is processing all the transactions now!!! (For testing I reset one of the completed items in System1 to open so that I only have one work item to deal with)

I get to the last transaction, the transaction number is incremented.

In GetTransactionData it hits the if


so the out_TransactionItem is assigned nothing

Then hits Log Message Process finished due to no more transactions


All good so far.

Then End Process


which run the invoke System1_Close

and invoke SHA1Online_Close

both of these run without a problem

and then as you step through it comes back out to main closes that


Then this pops up and I don’t really get where it’s being generated from

This is my main workflow

Main.xaml (73.0 KB)

I’m pretty close now just this stupid error message which has decided to rear it’s ugly head and stop me finishing the exercise. (grumble, grumble…)

Hello again @charliefik

Are you running a part of your workflow? or did you run the Main.xaml file?

Iran my main workflow (the attachd weorkflow file) and it seemed to get to the very end after updating all the workitems and completing the end process in main and then the error message popped up

Could you check all the arguments of type DataRow, whether they are given the correct values!

Also try giving the variable of dataRow that has the selected rows a default value of New System.Data.DataRow

Thanks for the advice will take a look.

All the best

This is what I did.

I did a search for DataRow in the search field top right hand corner of UiPath studio



didn’t have a default value so I tried putting New System.Data.DataRow in

but got this error message

(don’t really understand what a protected friend is) so removed it for that one.

  1. ProcessTransaction

same issue so removed it for that

  1. InitAllSettings
    Apparently there are 2 datarow items in InitAllSettings


but when I click on them says found in property ‘Body’


I think they are the row(“Value”) functions? (so nothing to change there?)

4 GetTransactionData

No default values for output arguments

This is an array of datarows so I’m not sure if this is a candidate

5 Main

both datarow arrays

Generates the protected friend error (whatever that means)

Again an array of datarows.

So unfortunately couldn’t find some valid place to enter

New System.Data.DataRow

Then I remembered a post that I had sent about problems with datatable defaults (rather than datarow defaults and found all the datatable variables and arguments that didn’t have new System.Data.DataTable (even though the original error message is about datarows)

Anyway I went through all those reran and it had the same problem when running in debug mode it comes all the way out of main and then stops with the error message I posted originally.


Main.xaml (73.1 KB)