Level 3 Exercice 1 Don't understand what i have to put inside the Assign activity

Did i put the same variable in the 3 cases ?


I think the in_TransactionItem will be a DataRow in your case.

If the headers in the spreadsheet for example are:
CashIn , OnUsCheck and NotOnUsCheck then the assignment statements will be:

CashIn = in_TransactionItem(“CahsIn”).ToString
OnUsCheck = in_TransactionItem(“OnUsCheck”).ToString
NotOnUsCheck = in_TransactionItem(“NotOnUsCheck”).ToString

Hope this helps.

ok thank you, but i can’t see my excel file to write this

My excel File is in on an other invokeworkflow


Within the ForEach row in ExcelTransaction
Invoke the workflow “Assign_data”.
I think the input argument declared in Assign_data is in_Exceltransaction. (Type: DataRow)
So in the Import Arguments pass the value as row

Can you send me a picture plz ?

I think i don’t understand everything, this is my processes :


When i try to change it, it doesn’t work, it still Sting :

This is my assign process:

Change it to DataRow here (highlighted in yellow) - In the Assign_data workflow . Save the Assign_data workflow.

Then from the workflow where it is Invoked - In import Arguments assign the value to row.

I can’t make the process



What is the error as indicated by the blue information icon?

Try making the Type of CashIn as String.

The Direction for the highlighted variables will be Out. and Argument type String

Ok but nothing is writting after

Yes you get the Output which should be assigned to Variables in the Calling workflow.

Please create variables for the same in the calling workflow (From where the Invoke was made) . Have the Type as String.

Then assign these variables with the value from the OnUsCheck and NotOnUsCheck

Picture plz ?