Level 3 - Client Security Hash - Need help to Extract Data Table and Then Assign it

Need help with Level 3 - Assignment 1 - Client Security Hash

I have completed all activities till page 9. Now the problem starts.

I am able to successfully extract data from online work items, but stuck with passing ExtractedDataTable as argument to other workflow.

Inside Main > Init State > How do I assign extracted data table to new data table WI5 to store required WI5 entries.

I am confused with arguments, please assist. Complete REF attached.

ClientSecurityHash.zip (516.1 KB)

Please look at how the arguments are used in the below link -

Download the samples and check it out.

And to get only WI5 entries into DataTable

newDataTable = ExtractedDataTable.Select("Type='WI5' AND Status='Open'").CopyToDataTable

Or use filter data table activity to achieve the same.

Karthik Byggari

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please find the attached workflow.

ClientSecurityHash.zip (514.5 KB)

In ExtractedDataTable - my output is dt_Wls argument of type Data Table.

Now, in INIT State I am unable to access dt_Wls data table (extracted data table) - what is the reason? (Screenshot attached)

Hi, I am still getting errors in InitAllApplications workflow in the program files you have sent.
Also - same as before, am unable to open browser directly using values in config file.

ClientSecurityHash.zip (517.7 KB)


This is not my file. I will send file personally. Don’t share full workflow file here and send personally to anyone.

Thanks for understanding.

Ok will take care, thanks.