Level 3 Calculate Security Hash Exercise - Confirm my Solution on QueueItem error

I am doing the Security Hash exercise and am on page 11. I have constructed the IF statement correctly I believe. The error below is on the “Get Transaction Item” activity which is an Orchestrator Queue activity. Is the solution simply just to delete the Orchestrator Queue activity? No other changes required to proceed?

Good afternoon to @rachrahul2 and @lightshade . Your corresponded on this in the June 10, 2018 post Queue item - #7 by rachrahul2 on this topic.

If perhaps you could confirm that I have the solution properly identified that would be great. If other steps are needed, I welcome your feedback. Most appreciated.

Yes just delete queue activity.
If you see in walkthrough provided in academy
It’s said replace queue datatype to string.
So delete get transaction item activity.


Thanks very much @sandeep13. I will get that done and proceed.

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