Level 3 Calculate Hash Project - GetTransactionData not passing transaction to be processed?

So I have been going through the Advanced training, and I am stuck on the Calculate Security Hash assignment. It seems I have everything in place, everything appears to be passing, but for some reason its never making it to the actual process function. I added a writeline just to log if it hits it, and it never does. Been staring at this assignment for 3 days and Im not seeing where I’m missing it. I’m doing this for work and they are not even using the REF, but I still have to do it to do it… Little lost… this isnt visual studio and c# files… wish it were… Can anyone help and point me or show me where I am going wrong??

Based off multiple WriteLines - I can see it getting to the GetTransactionData flow… and that there is data there - it says my WiList contains 13 elements right now - but then it never does the writeline from process, and then ends with a “Process finished due to no more transaction data”

Ignore me, while I pull my last few hairs out now…

NewCalculateHash.zip (516.8 KB)

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@Cory_F The flow stops on meeting the condition in Transition - TransactionItem IsNot Nothing
You are not saving the transaction item anywhere.


Interesting because I have those set, thats what it looks like when I first open it up. I even tried reimporting the args, reassigning them and still nothing.

Click on the “Input Arguments” on the right property pane and check if all arguments are correctly mapped:

As far as I can see they are… A couple writelines show the out_TransactionItem is being populated properly. The only one I can see that MIGHT not be set/used is the io_TransactionData , but I’m not seeing anywhere that would be used (tutorial or elsewhere) or what to do with that, and IF its needed.But I assigned them anyways, and going to run it again, see if it makes a difference. Crossing my fingers!

Update: Nope… no change. vars are all assigned… Shows in output it appears the data is being passed out of gettransaction, but then it jumps to “process finished”…

modified it to do it my way… and it works… thanks for the assist

Cory_F, how do you fix it?
I don’t see the error.