Level 3 assignment1 init failure -no assets defined

I need a liitle help with the assignment 1 task.
i try to run the level 3 assignment 1 framework, but i couldn’t solve the Init problem.
Several error messages pops up:

  1. “No assets defined for the process” - I don’t understand, because the config has all assets and URLs in the settings sheet and in the asset sheet and the orchestrator has the credential asset (System1_credential). In Orchestrator are saved my username and the password for the acme-test.
  2. “System error at initialization: The given key was not present in the dictionary. at Source: mscorlib” - What can I do ?
    If i start the LoginProcess separately, then a small windows pops up with the entry fields of name and passoword. I think, it comes from Orchestrator. Te next worflows work fine (WI Deails, Data Table etc.). I think it is a credential problem ?

Hey @werbe123

This might be happening because your config file is not configured properly or, you’re not supplying the correct values to the arguments!

Hi, thanks for your help.
If i understand the premissions of config file correctly, i need entries in the settings sheet for credential and entries in the asset sheet. These entries should match with the entry of Orchestrator asset.
Could you please take a quick look on my config file. Are the right entries here ?

Many thanks

Many Thanks

Yes this looks fine…How are you retrieving these values? can i see the agrument values for initallaplications

This is my init application workflow with the arguments

So, the debug of the init-Process shows an error regarding the get credential in the asset section, but why ?

I have changed the name of the Credential in System1_Credential and the argument too.

Can anybody help ?

Do given settings in the screen print, it should resolve your issue.