Level 3 Assignment No 0 (or 1)


I am doing the first Assignment of Level 3 Advanced Training, the first one, the one that you don’t have to upload, and I have several questions, before passing to the second one, to be honest I am totally lost here…
I am at the point where, first i run only the dispatcher, then I run the Main process, it opens the app, put user and password, login ok, and then, not sure what happens, the Queue (i pointed to Dispatcher) shows 106 Biz Exceptions…so I have several questions please:

  • The dispatcher sequence in Studio should be somewhere in the Main process or only run once outside of it?
  • The Processor is a sequence? If so, what should have inside and where should I put it?
  • Which Queue name should I put in the Config file? From GetTransactionData (in_Config(“OrchestratorQueueName”).ToString) Dispatcher?
  • When the transactions are processed into the App, you should see the numbers in each box or the process is done “behind scenes”?

I have other questions, but this ones should help me get to the next step. I don’t want to make Assignment 2 without understanding each step of the first one.
Anyway, thank you very much for any answer, for any help and cooperation in this matter.
I am attaching screenshots of my Config file, from my Orchestrator and the Queue in Studio.
Thank you very much!!

Luis Martirena

By what you are saying i believe you are doing L3 Assignment 2(Generate Yearly Report) Part 1 (Dispatcher)
To answer your question:

In this particular assignment you will be creating one whole project(Framework) for Dispatcher part and again a new project(Framework) for the Performer.
So what you are trying to achieve now is building the automation to dispatch the required data into the queue.

The Performer is a separate project which will read the same data that you dispatched

First fetched and pushes - Dispatcher
Second pull and processes - Performer

By the time you reached this answer you might have got that there is only going to be one queue in the whole process.
So you can put Dispatcher that you already have done in your Config

Once you have done the Dispatcher you will see the data in the queue with New status
and once you run the Performer, the status of these should be Successful and in the App the WIIDs will be updated and Completed

Let me know if this helps

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Thank you very much Nadim, that makes sense. I will start working on the Performer then.
One last question though, in which part of the project do I have to put the Dispatcher and the Performer?
Thank you!

Both are different projects like i said.

One whole project is your dispatcher
then another whole project is your performer

And when i mean 2 different projects they will be entirely separate projects :wink:

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Thank you again Nadim for your help and patience. I understand that I have to make 2 projects, but also the dispatcher is a sequence, right? That I have to make from scratch. Once I have that sequence, a sequence named “Dispatcher”, in which part of the REFramework should it put it? The same question goes for the Performer.
Thank you man!

Not really. Like i said, once you will build your whole project i.e login, scrape data and then push it into the queue then you will have your dispatcher.
All the processes that you are putting together, init, gettransactiondata, process and end inside which you have login, logout, scrape process and then add queue

All you need to do is follow the instructions given step by step to the word and then once done it will all start making sense.

Same applies for the Performer.

Thank you again Nadim for your help

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Nadim, where are you getting this text from? I searched for it in the Walkthrough of UiDemo and it is not there. Also it is not in the previous instructions, so where are you getting this instructions from?

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This is on the beginning of the instructions manual. page number 2

I guess you have a previous version, 1.0 because the one to download, 1.1 does not have that paragraph.
Anyway, thks man

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