Level 3 Assignment Instructions

I am getting confused by the Walkthrough. It appears there is misalignment. End of pg 11 reads this:

Create a blank sequence in the System1 folder, to navigate to the かっこWork Item Details page. Name it System1_NavigateTo_WIDetails. We can use the Work Item ID to navigate directly to the Item Details page. Open a work item and notice the format of the URL - it is composed of the System1 URL, the “/work-item/” string, and the Work Item ID.
o Work Item ID and System1 URL constitute the required input. Create two in arguments - one of the Int32 type, and the other, of the String type.

Below they say invoke and have something completely different. Datatypes, direction and XAML filename
It appears that the approach was rewritten and only part of the doc was updated. I will move forward and pick a way in the meantime.

But above

agreed, the screenshot and the instructions are not in syn.
This is i think already highlighted to the team.
Please ignore the screenshot and refer to below:

FYI. This is not the only place.

Agreed, but till the content is update if you have any difficulties please ask.