Level 3 assignment 3 Performer workflow order

Hi I’m just going through Lev 3 ass 3 (the performer part, wanted to have a play around with 2019.5), and I may very well be being an idiot, but I think that there is an issue with the order of the activities in the documentation (I can’t remember if this was an issue when I originally did it).

This is the workflow from the documentation.

To me it looks like you are trying to read the contents of the monthly report (before it gets merged into the yearly report) before it has been properly downloaded i.e. the download complete popup has appeared.

I expect I’m being stupid but can someone please put me out of my misery.

Many thanks,

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Yes, here we are downloading all monthly reports for each vendor and saving it in a folder. And then we have to read one by one month report and will merge it all together into one file.

Hi, @lakshman,
If you open the workflow diagram I posted you can see the read csv activity (my issue is that it seems to be reading the csv file, potentially before it is fully downloaded (and the open file popup has appeared).

Each month should be downloaded (fully), read into a montly datatable, the monthly datatable merged into a yearly datatable (if the monthly exists) at which point the csv file can be deleted.