Level 3 Assignment 3 Evaluation Issue

I submitted my dispatcher and performer in a zipped folder, it runs perfectly but I failed. Whats the issue?

Also, for the Generate Yearly Report assignment, do the WI5 items need to also be completed?

Hi @Rahim_Pradhan,

Please check the status of the assignments in the following link. You need to submit your files only if the status says Passed.


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Why am I failing? I used .Trim to update and remove blank spaces. The program runs fine…what am I missing?

I don’t think so

Unfortunately, there is no feedback provided, so the only option is to debug to check what’s going on. On a positive note, the status says 4 items are correct. To start with, please check if all work items have valid comments (as stated in PDD) and status’.

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Hi Buddy @Rahim_Pradhan
This must be due to improper comments been entered or hash code been entered for each work items,
Kindly have a look into the comments been mentioned in each item and check whether a proper click is made on after entering the hash code
Kindly follow the notes and steps to be followed in the PDD once and you can easily crack this buddy
Cheers @Rahim_Pradhan

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@Rahim_Pradhan yes bro even though you completed all the items,just check the code which you are updating it is in the correct form.and just check once yearly reports also.

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Ya I looked through each work item and they look correct to me.

I went back and looked at each work item that was completed. It’s putting in the code so I’m at a loss. :frowning:

I’m going to check my yearly reports. There maybe an issue there.

I checked the yearly reports and all the WI4 items have an upload ID. Not sure what the issue is.

Hi @Rahim_Pradhan

Could you validate the hashes that were posted as comments for Assignment 1?

You mean run assignment one again? I already passed it.

@nlee1131 I see what you mean, yes I went back and checked the comments and the hashes are in every single WI4 item.