Level 3 assignment 2, where is the workflow executed?

I’m working on the assignment for Level 3 (calculate security hash), and it’s not clear to me if the workflow is executed locally (on my machine), or somewhere else. The webpage instructions say it’s executed on my machine, but the instructions PDF don’t say anything about the output format for a file. Do I run the “robot” on my machine, and let it fill in the webpage with the information? If so, what is the point of uploading the workflow?

Also, what archive formats and options are supported by the auto checker?

Good question @Robot.Builder.9001 :slight_smile: . As we are using the acme site and sha1 online site, we are getting the city and the stuff from acme and generating sha1 code and then updating that sha1 code to the related row in acme data, so when we are done with all the rows of acme, we are uploading the file to academy. Even we need to update the status of the transaction item in orchestrator. So, the site will check for the acme codes that we have updated and then they will provide the results based on the codes.

Hope I’m clear. Please let me know if you have any questions further