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There have been so many…

Click on next page

<webctrl aaname='"+in_TransactionNumber.ToString+"' tag='A' />

Also the wait for exists. I was playing around and I think I might have to handle the first page differently. Put in an "If transaction=1. Thanks for your quick response. I’m signing off for now.

the trick is using the class attribute for current page and next page.

The problem is this:

The bottom of pg.3 of the Yearly report as it relates to the Click and Wait for element to appear of the Process.xaml. I’ve had largely no success or maybe a one time run but not consistent. To be specific and paste something would actually be too general as several machinations have not worked. I had been stuck for days on a a single selector before and what I was given as a solution I could not replicate/generate the tags with my UIExplorer.

After doing several inspections it seems that I might have to put this in an IF/Then. One sequence for page one and then for the others. I started inspecting with IE and I get different results each time that vary dramatically

Pg. 1 format
<webctrl aaname='1' tag='SPAN' />
<a class="page-numbers" href="/work-items/page-1">1</a>
or current page version
<span class="page-numbers current">1</span>

Hi everyone. I’ve been stuck for 1.5 days and working around the clock.

Main.xaml (52.6 KB)

Process.xaml (16.9 KB)

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i can give you a approach if you have not already done it like this.
Its simpler and you can avoid all the checks.

TransactionNumber =1
So in the GetTransactionData:

  1. Element exist current page 1
    "<webctrl aaname='"+in_TransactionNumber.ToString+"' class='page-numbers current' tag='SPAN'/>"
  2. Scrape the current page
  3. For each row add the items Wi4 to the queue
  4. Element exists TransactionNumber+1
    "<webctrl aaname='"+(in_TransactionNumber+1).ToString+"' class='page-numbers' tag='A'/>"
  5. If true assign out_TransactionIte = in_TransactionNumber+1

In Process

  1. Click on the next page
    "<webctrl aaname='"+(in_TransactionItem+1).ToString+"' tag='A' class='page-numbers'/>"

Thanks! It works I just have to rework the state machine for this. I did have success with these standalone before but not in the context of the assignment.

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great! :slight_smile:
You can tweak a bit here and there and suit your understanding. Intent is to learn and become familiar with the process and the tool :slight_smile:

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I know but unfortunately I have spend 70% of my time is on 10% of process. Yes, its a good concept exercise for framework and orchestrator but the few snags are 70% of my mental focus not the tools. Once I’m done with L3 and cert I will dive deep into these snags which might be a quirk or a knowledge gap not covered in the very good but "happy path"of training videos.


Agreed and happy learning to you :slight_smile:

I’ve been plagued with selector issues but they magically started working again without issue after a five day hiatus (they also worked about 10 days before when I unit tested). Do you know what could cause this issue?

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Couldnt tell without checking out the root cause.
If its working without any changes then its difficult to tell.

if its working its great! :slight_smile:

hello i don’t understand. The scrape thing isn’t supposed to be in “Process” ?

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Its an option and you can design the way you feel best suits you :slight_smile:


Just use this for NextLinkSelctor property
<webctrl aaname='&gt;' tag='A' />


ok I am trying to understand this but I am a bit confused. :frowning:

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I have the same issue. I did as the walkthrough shows me but when i debug, there was always false at the condiction. i also checked all imported argument. @nadim.warsi

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Hi, The selector of your ElementExists is not correct. can you paste it here ?

hi @nadim.warsi .
I’m tried to follow your instruction above but it didn’t work, i read the walkthrough carefully but i could not find out how to do it right.
Please have a glance at my program.
Thank you
assignment2.zip (1.6 MB)

Hi @nadim.warsi,

I have tried the exact selectors however when I execute the workflow it always returns false for both current page and next page.
Selectors are below;
Current page:
<webctrl aaname=' "+in_TransactionNumber+" ' tag='SPAN' class='page-numbers current' />
Next Page:
<webctrl aaname=' "+(in_TransactionNumber+1).ToString" ' class='page-numbers' tag='A' />

Can you please let me understand where I am going wrong, I am doing this inside an attach browser activity. Also tried without attach browser activity.

Issue is resolved. for some reason dynamic variable doesn’t work chrome, but works fine on IE.

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