Level 3 Assignment 2 Selector Next Page

Can anyone help. It seems with endless posts on this it is not easy or consistent to achieve the goal of clicking on the next page in Dispatcher. I’ve tried multiple machinations for about 6 hrs and no luck. Can anyone help?

Can you post the selector here what you tried?

There have been so many…

Click on next page

<webctrl aaname='"+in_TransactionNumber.ToString+"' tag='A' />

Also the wait for exists. I was playing around and I think I might have to handle the first page differently. Put in an "If transaction=1. Thanks for your quick response. I’m signing off for now.

the trick is using the class attribute for current page and next page.

The problem is this:

The bottom of pg.3 of the Yearly report as it relates to the Click and Wait for element to appear of the Process.xaml. I’ve had largely no success or maybe a one time run but not consistent. To be specific and paste something would actually be too general as several machinations have not worked. I had been stuck for days on a a single selector before and what I was given as a solution I could not replicate/generate the tags with my UIExplorer.

After doing several inspections it seems that I might have to put this in an IF/Then. One sequence for page one and then for the others. I started inspecting with IE and I get different results each time that vary dramatically

Pg. 1 format
<webctrl aaname='1' tag='SPAN' />
<a class="page-numbers" href="/work-items/page-1">1</a>
or current page version
<span class="page-numbers current">1</span>

Hi everyone. I’ve been stuck for 1.5 days and working around the clock.

Main.xaml (52.6 KB)

Process.xaml (16.9 KB)

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i can give you a approach if you have not already done it like this.
Its simpler and you can avoid all the checks.

TransactionNumber =1
So in the GetTransactionData:

  1. Element exist current page 1
    "<webctrl aaname='"+in_TransactionNumber.ToString+"' class='page-numbers current' tag='SPAN'/>"
  2. Scrape the current page
  3. For each row add the items Wi4 to the queue
  4. Element exists TransactionNumber+1
    "<webctrl aaname='"+(in_TransactionNumber+1).ToString+"' class='page-numbers' tag='A'/>"
  5. If true assign out_TransactionIte = in_TransactionNumber+1

In Process

  1. Click on the next page
    "<webctrl aaname='"+(in_TransactionItem+1).ToString+"' tag='A' class='page-numbers'/>"

Thanks! It works I just have to rework the state machine for this. I did have success with these standalone before but not in the context of the assignment.

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great! :slight_smile:
You can tweak a bit here and there and suit your understanding. Intent is to learn and become familiar with the process and the tool :slight_smile:

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I know but unfortunately I have spend 70% of my time is on 10% of process. Yes, its a good concept exercise for framework and orchestrator but the few snags are 70% of my mental focus not the tools. Once I’m done with L3 and cert I will dive deep into these snags which might be a quirk or a knowledge gap not covered in the very good but "happy path"of training videos.


Agreed and happy learning to you :slight_smile:

I’ve been plagued with selector issues but they magically started working again without issue after a five day hiatus (they also worked about 10 days before when I unit tested). Do you know what could cause this issue?

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Couldnt tell without checking out the root cause.
If its working without any changes then its difficult to tell.

if its working its great! :slight_smile:

hello i don’t understand. The scrape thing isn’t supposed to be in “Process” ?

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Its an option and you can design the way you feel best suits you :slight_smile:


Just use this for NextLinkSelctor property
<webctrl aaname='&gt;' tag='A' />


ok I am trying to understand this but I am a bit confused. :frowning:

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I have the same issue. I did as the walkthrough shows me but when i debug, there was always false at the condiction. i also checked all imported argument. @nadim.warsi

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Hi, The selector of your ElementExists is not correct. can you paste it here ?

hi @nadim.warsi .
I’m tried to follow your instruction above but it didn’t work, i read the walkthrough carefully but i could not find out how to do it right.
Please have a glance at my program.
Thank you
assignment2.zip (1.6 MB)