Level 3 Assignment 2 : Process finished due to no more transaction data

Hi, I am working in 2nd assignment of level 3 ,but stuck on one issue : Process finished due to no more transaction data. I am able to login , go to workitems but then logout and close the window.
This is my GetTransactionData Workflow

These are the Arguments
Can anyone help me resolve the issue.

That’s because there is no data being retrieved. Your code is probably following this path.
It’s setting

out_TransactionItem = Nothing

Can you debug the code and see if nextPageExist evaluates to True? If not, you may have to check your selector in FindElement.

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Hi @AndyMenon, I am using dynamic selector for element exist acticity which is suggested in Walkthrough.My selector is same as suggested in Walkthrough.I am assigning this selecor to dynamicSeletor variable “”.

Kindly help I am stuck on this problem not able to make performer

Hi @kalpitmantri,

This is a challenge in the Level 3 assignment and is a very good exercise on Selectors.

Here is another post that shows you how to go about it.

@AndyMenon I am using selector which is suggested,but every time my elementExist condition goes false.
this is my selector for element exist : image
and this is the output

GetTransactionData.xaml (14.0 KB)
attaching my workflow,kindly look into it

That is because when the page becomes active, the type of element of that navigation button changes. Please see my other post in the previous thread.

Hey AndyMenon, with Ur explanation resolved my issue(simply switched assign in the if activity).Thank u so much

Hello @prashanthig

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I’m glad it helped!