Level 3 assignment 2 popup exists

hii guys struck in the middle of assignment 2,my query is i’m able to click on download report for every month,as we know some months don’t have report but when i’m running the bot it is showing popup for every month that data does not exist.i use element exists activity if that popup comes and used if condition if popup comes it has to click ok in then part where as if popup not found it has to save the file but i’m not able to do that,every time it is showing data not exist for taxid for each month. plz help me out from this.thanks in advancedownloading_monthly_report.xaml (34.6 KB) have a look at my xaml file

Fine i saw your workflow buddy
i think this container must come in else part right, as you are trying to save the file and it usually occurs when that popup element doesnot exists right…!
Cheers @venkatmalla6

Hi @venkatmalla6,

You can skip that using some hot keys,

Just try these steps:

  1. Use delay of 3-5 seconds
  2. Send hot key ESCAPE or ENTER (you can send both if needed)
  3. Then continue the loop…

This will work on the pop up and the loop continues

@Palaniyappan yes buddy as you said it actually has to be in else part but the same error is coming even if it is in else part.

@HareeshMR thanks for reply, here the question is for every month it is showing file doesn’t exist for taxid.

@samir I did same process,i’m able to overcome the pop-up but my question for every month it is showing that data is not exist for the taxid.

If i m right you are able to click on the popup that arises, but the thing is you dont get excel file to download as a option FOR ALL THE MONTHS…right…?
if so kindly reset the data and try once buddy
Kindly correct me if i have understood the query wrongly
Cheers @venkatmalla6

@Palaniyappan as we know once it click the download report for a month it shows whether data exists or not if data not exists it gives the pop-up or else if it contains data it has to save the file. This is what the process right. But in my condition it is showing that pop-up for every month under each taxid. Even though for a month it contains data it is showing pop-up and iterating for next month. This is what my problem with this assignment buddy

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Have you try to do that manually? and check once

yah that was clear,
kindly reset the test data and try it manually and check whether you are getting report to be saved for each month
if that comes then try to execute the process
Cheers @venkatmalla6

@HareeshMR it’s working manually

@Palaniyappan yeah sure let you know once I tried.

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Fine @venkatmalla6

Yeah, then make sure you are giving the correct input (Taxid ) to download the reports. Try using vendor id before entering into the acme form,

@Palaniyappan i tried like you said reset data and it is working manually,but once i run it in full bot it is not working don,t know what’s wrong

@HareeshMR i tried bro but same error

is the bot getting logged to the correct ACME login of yours, while with bot execution
Kindly check that buddy, i have a small doubt on it
as it works manually and getting the report, it should work on bot execution as well
Cheers @venkatmalla6

@Palaniyappan i’m logged in with my acme login credentials only,