Level 3 Assignment 2 Performer

While running the project one transaction gets complete after that second starts running but in between Error comes “Excel Memory issue”
then Stop the project.

After running the project the transaction starts from 3 instead of 2 transaction.
Solution ?

Check if the excel is still open in the background, I mean in the task manager @hasib08

nope and what about the transaction that is skipped

Hi @hasib08,

Check if you are incrementing Transaction Number anywhere GetTransactionData, if yes then you don’t need to as it will be handled by SetTransactionStatus workflow.

not incrementing as it the PERFORMER project
the project stop in between and the after running it again the transaction get skipped and start with the new transaction @ShenkiSinghai

Check in queue, your 2 transaction should be in New state to get performed.

its in progress
and the 3rd transaction is in successful

Can you lleas3 attach screenshot of GetTransactionData workflow.



Could you please check thread and try solution mentioned by @ygulas

How to retry the in progress queue item - #17 by AnandKumar26

how do i change in the performer project


Have you downloaded that workflow and checked the solution or not ?

seen but did not understand how to use that in this performer project