Level 3 Assignment 2 not clearing

So I had given up on this but it bothers me not to have finished it.

I have submitted several times, and I get all items completed, but only 1 or 2 correct. How can that be? If it was file name or something like that which failed them, it would fail all of them. But for some reason I am getting one or two correct. Any suggestions as to what could make that behavior? Can´t seem to find anything wrong with my final reports…

Hi @lisbeth.skogland

Most of the time it happens with your ocr part in perticular assignment, check out the part where your are scraping information with ocr.

Hope this helps. :grinning:

There is no OCR on this. Just merging csv files into an excel file…

in result panel under review you should be able to see whats going wrong. may be the naming constraint also matters

What do you mean? What result panel? The only feedback I am finding is this:

Instructor comments:

UiPath Academy

Total Items: 13 Completed Items: 13 Correct Items: 1

No information about what is wrong with the ones that are not correct, not even which one is correct so that I could compare…

Is this the yearly report generation??

Yes it is.

How was the Orchestrator Queue section? Do their status state Completed as well?


please refer this topic and check if you have covered all the common causes of not getting correct results

All status complete :slight_smile:


I tried going through all of this, and as far as I can see it seems ok. Now the part that I find confusing is that the order of the columns seems to vary from one report to another. Some have the date in third place, some last. And it´s not even the same for all from the same customer. I have tried adding a column sorter putting them all either with date in third or last place, but then I get 0 correct. I have a feeling the problem is related to that… but I don´t know how to solve it. The description of the assignment does not specify the column order or format.

I really can´t understand why the robot checking this can´t give more specific information though. Should be simple since it seems it obviously checks some criteria… should be a no-brainer to be able to report which didn´t pass

Any thoughs?


the final column format i think is fixed, but what is curious in your case is that you have a few success case

so that points to problem at updating the comment correctly

Check for space in the comment being enter and its format (need to be exact match a sper PDD) and the procedure where you update the comment after uploading and your key maye thats what is going wrong

I checked the updates and they seem fine. All the WI4 items are marked as completed, each with their individual ids all with a length of 32 characters and no spaces after.

However the reports do differ in column order. Any one who have cleared this can enlighten me on how you have done this?

I reset the data (for the nth time) and run the thing again, and resubmitted again… figured I´d post the resulting excel files so that you can give me some feedback, but the evaluation robot seems stuck cause it´s not returning…

Did you clear the Temp folder after resetting your data (before running it)? If Im not wrong the excel files generated must be exact with the test datas. So if there are other excel files that doesnt tally with the test data, the score will be affected.

So I finally got my evaluation back, and it´s the same as the others. 16 items completed out of the 16. Only 1 correct.

Still convinced that this has something to do with the actual reports, maybe the column name ordering i the issue.

Can anyone who has actually cleared this exercise tell me what they did about this column ordering? Or take a look at my files, I am enclosing my final result. Notice that the column order varies, but doesn´t match with the number of correct items though.

Output.zip (88.8 KB)

record a video if your procedure for 1 transaction and share here please if possible

Sure. I have never tried this before… hope this works

link isnt working :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like it is only visible for me and I can´t seem to figure how to change it. Let´s try youtube instead.

This should work

couple of things, You downloaded in csv but the final file to upload is xlsx.

I hope you did a proper conversion or manipulated data appropriately instead of just renaming

Also i noticed that when upload ID is displayed in this video it didnt display the entire ID at all but you still grabbed it (hope it was correctly grabbed)

Lastly when updating you are using the pop up window, instead directly navigate in the main tab itself to the update window using the link


where WIID= the work Id/number

If it still fails share your workflow here but delete it once the query is resolved