Level 3 Assignment 2 Inquiry

Dear sir,

May I know for the second assignment - Generate Yearly Report assignment, we need to submit 2 Main.xaml files ( that is one is dispatcher and the second one is performer) together with other xaml and folders under a single zipped file?

What is the purpose of the TestWorkFlowtemplate.xaml located almost the bottom of the project page?

When I open it and click on the Import arguement button, the value column is empty. I tried to insert the value in_ConfigSheet as the picture below but is having error. What is the mistake?

Kindly seeking for your help. Thank you.

This is just for your own testing purposes. You can insert whichever workflow you want to test in the field and the testing framework will check that your workflow is correct for multiple test cases. It’s not necessary to use it, but you may opt to do so.

Thank you for the information @Anthony_Humphries.

How about my first question? Is it having 2 main.xaml workflows, each for dispatcher and performer? So, before the start of the dispatcher, I need to duplicate the main.xaml workflow first then and make a distinct name for the 2 workflows? When running on debut mode, I need to execute the dispatcher’s main workflow first then follow by the performer’s main workflow in order to generate the yearly report?

Your arguments should be in curly braces {"Settings", "Constants"}, not parentheses ("Settings", "Constants").

yes its correct create separate folders for both