Level 3 assignment 2 help, download yearly report

hey guys, i need help for my assignment 2, right now there are 2 problems i am encountering with my assignment 2,

the first one being when i am trying to download monthly reports, my program only works only if for the TaxID, the first month (or January) contains report. if January contains report which i can download, i can cycle through all 12 months with no problem. However, if January of a particular TaxID does not contain any reports i can download, the window message will pop up and my program will click on “OK” (expected), then, it will skip through the for each loop for months and launch the write range activity which will result in a fault.
this is my workflowSystem1_UploadYearlyReport…xaml (26.0 KB)

the second problem i am facing right now is during the uploading of my yearly report. i can’t seem to be able to type into the file path of the upload dialog. i am pretty sure it is my selector problem but i am not sure on what to select for the selectors. below is a screenshot of the selector for the type into activity

Please help! Thanks in advance!

@MythicGold Use attach window inside it use type into activity. It might work well in such cases.

If above one won’t work for you, Take few scenarios of typeinto and check the selectors of different scenarios and find the variable part of selectors and replace variable part of selector with wild cards.

For the second problem, I believe cls and ctrlid change ibetween different windows for the file explorer. If you remove these from the selector, and use UI Explorer to find other elements you can use, you should be able to find a better selector which will work with different file explorer windows.

@Manjuts90 @Oliver7598 initially i’ve only used ctrl id, after i added cls for the “Edit” element, it start to work correctly, thanks for your help. regarding problem one, i realised i did not put my write range outside of the foreach which is why it does not work when there is no report.

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