Level 3 - Assignment 2 - GenerateYearlyReport_Performer: What is the use of checking whether a file is fully downloaded AFTER you downloaded it?


Is it just me, or is there a weird instruction in the walkthroug of Level 3 - Assignment 2 - GenerateYearlyReport_Performer?

On page 14 it says:

So I’d expect that you first check that the file is fully downloaded and then read the csv.
But on page 15 the sequence is:

Should this not be:

Or what am I missing?
Any explanation is much appreciated.


Hi @ivandeca

A word of advise at this stage just use your common sense, for me I Placed it after even if the screenshot didn’t match (even if you don’t it will word since the download is so fast) and also I had problems with on Element Appear activity so I’ve got rid of it and used only the click activity and customized its selector so it can match the close button when the name of the report change.

To cut a long story short, the goal of the advanced training is to get familiar with the REFramework and get a sense of what’s like to follow a PDD, in order to be ready for real world processes. And I think you’ve done that since you arrived here.

So use your logic and you will be better off without following everything in the PDD.


Hi @reda

Thanks for your advice.
In the mean time I finished the assignment and passed, so I guess my common sense and logic is not that bad :wink:

Now, I’m looking forward to tackling real world problems!

Have you already obtained the certification in certificate.uipath.com ?

No(t yet)

Well this is where you should head next, get your certification it’s a big deal for people searching for RPA talents.
It’s gonna be somehow easy since you’ve just finished the advanced training, and the best part is : there is no PDD you only have a description and you do things the way you like.

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