Level 3 assignment 2- Generate yearly report performer not able to pass output argument out_TransactionItem to Transaction Item

Hi I am working on level 3 assignment 2- Generate yearly report performer. I am stuck on passing the output argument out_TransactionItem to Transaction Item. out_TransactionItem has value but Transaction Item is blank. how do I solve this problem?

Also attaching my project:
Generate Yearly Report_Performer.zip (1.0 MB)

Make sure there is data loaded in Orchestrator. If not, run your dispatcher to get the data loaded into your queue.

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Thanks for the reply. Yes there is data in orchestrator. Get Transaction item activity is working fine. I can see data in output out_TransactionItem. But it doen’t transfer to TransactionItem.

Make sure that the scope of TransactionItem is set to the highest level possible.

Yes.It is set to the highest level.

Can you share your dispatcher as well?

Yes. Sure.
Generate Yearly Report_Dispatcher.zip (1004.4 KB)

Aha! This one’s sneaky. Your out_TransactionItem in GetTransactionData.xaml is in the variables list when it needs to be under arguments.

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Yes. Thats right. I deleted the variable and it worked.
Thanks for the help.

That issue is resolved. I am facing another issue now. When I run the Performer it processes some transaction successfully and throws error for other transations:
Click ‘Save as’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:
Invoke System1_CreateYearlyReport workflow: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: .
Please help.

Performer Output
Also attaching Dispatcher - Performer.

Generate Yearly Report_Dispatcher.zip (1004.5 KB)

Avoid using idx=*. You’ll want to avoid using idx altogether if possible, but if there are multiple instances on the screen, you may need to make the selector dynamic with a variable.

From what I remember of this assignment, you can make the selector not use the idx attribute altogether. When you reach this error, inspect the element in the UI Explorer and see what can be done to avoid using indices and data that is subject to change.

And the performer
Generate Yearly Report_Performer.zip (2.0 MB)

Yes. I removed idx . It works now. Submitted the assignment and passed.
Thanks for the help.

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