Level 3 Assignment 2 Generate Yearly Report Issue


I have made both the dispatcher and performer workflows for this assignment. The first time that the performer goes through the transactions, the first transaction it does it takes about 5 mins give or take, and then the second transaction takes 20-30 mins. I’m not sure why it would take way longer the second time then it would the first time.

The first transaction uploads and completes with no errors. It’s just when it goes to the second transaction is whenever it slows down and gives me issues.

I’m not sure what to do in this situation.

Can you please elaborate ?

Are you deploying it on the same machine i.e. the dispatcher is scheduled while the performer is working ?


I am still testing the processes, so I am in debug mode.
It’s not “scheduled” when it comes to deploying the dispatcher and performer processes.
I deploy the Dispatcher first and let it complete, then I deploy the performer process.

Once the performer process begins with the first transaction it goes through the workflow with no errors. Then when it loops to get the second transaction and it slows down tremendously.

What other details can I provide to you?

I understand your query, kinda confused how it’s taking time, usually once the first process is done

The 2nd process is quicker, but I think your condition for first run might be wrong!!! can you debug it and see is it going back to Init state?

Or the internet connectivity issue? Cause all the process needs to do now is to get the next queue item for transaction!!!


I ran it in debug mode and no after the first transaction is processed, it envokes the process transaction workflow to begin it’s work on the second transaction.

I’m not sure why it would be connectivity issue, when again, throughout the first transaction, there is no issues, but with the second and on it slows down. Is there anything I can do to remedy this issue?