Level 3 Assignment 2 error


Am facing error in my assignment 2, month detail is not getting added in the acme website. Could someone share your level 3 assignment 2 workflow?



When selecting the month, make sure that “Simulate Click” is selected for “Click”. Or the selector may not be set correctly.
This is my selector as an example.

The workflow is published here.

Hi @Jagadesh2494

Dude,You didn’t select the month
Thats what its showing please fill the complete form

If you fill the form full it will show like this

If you stuck with the click activity which is not clicking the month, pass the variable in the click activity it will work. if you dont no how to pass variable in click activity plz ask

If you find it useful mark it as solution and close the thread.



I selected the month tab and still it is not selecting the month, could someone please share your level 3 assignment 2 zip file?


Am facing the below error in the create yearly report sequence level 3 assignment 2. Could someone please provide a solution or share your workflow

I also get the below error while downloading the report. Please help

What to do when there is no excel file to upload in select report in download yearly report