Level 3 Assignment 2 Documentation

I need to get access to the 2nd assignment documentation. I probably could have completed most if not all of it but I have had small hangups on Level 3 assignment 1 that have held me up over a week and there isn’t enough activity on the board to move fwd fast enough. I would have been 90% done with two projects a week or so ago if I had done them in parallel. Could someone please provide the necessary documentation! I am a self learner with no access to help other than this forum. Thanks.

where are you stuck on assignment one? lets resolve that :slight_smile:

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what is your issue.? you cannot work in two project parallel you have to complete one after the other.

Thank you for your response. It was a JSON deserialization error due to a dataype mismatch of datarow vs data array. To a non-experienced person it looks the same when searching for 100 possibilities of what went wrong. I had no idea what the source of the error was. Now that I identified my problem I could help someone in a one minute post what took me four days.

Sitting days is not productive over such small things it would be great if the document for both assignments were at least available. I would have jumped back and forth at large obstacles building in parallel. Much more efficient!

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Documentation means.? there are PDF i.e PDD and Walk-through right as requirement documents in project details…? what else you are expecting.?

The 2nd assignment Walkthrough/PDf documentation being available along with the 1st. It would be nice to have access to view that without having to submit the first.

How involved is the 2nd project compared to the first assignment (rough % + or -) ?

Thank you

If you completed the first one then you will feel second third will be easy, since you are have hands on PDD and walk through…

I just completed the last one. The new one looks wordy but that is not an issue. There were mistakes in the other that threw me off which I found out the UI Team is aware but other than that the only thing that scares me are ambiguous error messages. :grin:

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