Level 3 Assignment 1 - WIID details window not closing

Hi all,

close window activity to close the browser tab in not working,

the selector is as follows,


You can try click image and set the image for cross sign of window or else you can do one more thing instead of opening this as a separate window just pass the URL and use Navigate To activity

Hi @PrankurJoshi

in the above window after updating hashcode and status, we need to click on update
work item, then we will get confirm window on the same we need to click on ok button afte that.

sometimes ok button is clicked sometimes it wont

I use debug mode it works for 1 item, for second item it is failing.

this is not working consistently , how to resolve such things.

You can do all the operations in same window only as a workaround there is no such need to open this as a separate window

ok. let me try that

thank you

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its working now, I used close window activity to close confirm message window.

thanks for the help.

one more clarification, do we need to zip our assignment and submit to academy…?

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That is right you have to create a zip file of your project folder and then submit