Level 3: Assignment 1: Type into does not insert the hashcode!

Hi everyone , im facing a weird problem with TYPE INTO TEXTAREA , nothing is inserted when i run the whole project , and when i run only the file it works correctly . also when i add a default value to test it works


here is the Type into selector

and when i add a default value to test , it’s inserted correctly

Recently completed this assignment, may be check the properties of the comment type into activity. Adding the one I created (thought might help) -

Hoping to work.

Thank you for your advice , i checked it already but the same thing still happening :pensive:

May be you can share the upload workflow alone, so that easy to check on the error.

Hi @Mery_EL

Type into activity use inside Attach browser and change the type into selector like this
(webctrl tag=‘TEXTAREA’ /)

Kommi Jeevan.


Okei i will thanks

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