Level 3 Assignment 1 - System login Config not declared issue

Hi. I’ve been working on assignment 1 of level 3 but I keep hitting a snag where in the system1_login.xaml in the default value for both arguments in_System1URL and in_System1_Credential where it’s stating Config is not declared. It may be inaccessible due its protection level. The values I have down are like Config(“System1_URL”).ToString. I have variables Config set in other xaml files and to no avail. Could someone point me to the right direction and see where I’m going wrong. I have attached the main files relevant to this Any help would be appreciated.System1_login.xaml (14.5 KB) GetAppCredentials.xaml (11.6 KB) InitAllApplications.xaml (4.9 KB) Main.xaml (54.8 KB)

Can you send the whole folder of Assignment 1??