Level 3 Assignment 1 - OutTransactionItem

Hey there,
I got stuck in GetTransactionData WF.
My if statement works well, but then I am getiing stopped at very first assing function within “Then” Block.
Here is the command:

In order to test is WIList works well, I created one message box before this assing funciton (In_WIList.Count.ToString) - seems to be allright as I am getting message 1 for the very first transaction.

out_TransactionItem, direction OUT, Arugment Type Data Row
in_WIList, direction IN, Argument Type DataRow

I have a feeling that problem comes from out_TransactionItem - but how? This is very 1st time that attribute is being used in WF.

Help is very welcomed!

Can you post the error you are getting @sspi1153?

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Here you go:


@sspi1153 Is WList a Datatable?

@sspi1153 What is the Value of Transaction Number? If it is 1, Change it to 0 and check

Change the value of Transaction Number to 0.