Level 3 assignment 1 : If: Value cannot be null, Value cannot be null

Hi, i have been trying to extract datatable from ACME page, but I get the error mentioned above, please kindly assist.

GetTransactionData.xaml (10.6 KB) System1 Extract workItem Data Table.xaml (13.5 KB)

can you share the out put screenshot

Thank you for your help !


Could you please show me screenshot of your expression in IF condition and also check arguments once whether you passed it properly or not.


once check this


I don’t find where is the problem ?! All the arguments are properly passed and the if condition is 100% right !

Thank you but it didn’t work out for me ! Still the same error


Don’t assign value to in_TransactionNumber as 1 here. The value will come from TransactionNumber variable in Init state.

And also before if condition print this value using message box and see whether it is display any row count or Null value exception.


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i have tried the message box solution and it displayed a Null value exception error ?!


That means either it did not scrapped data or may be you did not pass arguments properly.