Level 3 Assignment 1- I have various issues with overall workflow

If someone can please go through my workflow files, and tell me where I am going wrong. I have already gone through and tried to debug using other articles on the forum.

I have removed my password and username from the config file.
Thank you in advance

Level3-Assignment1.zip (3.9 MB)

@Herondale what error ur getting?

The extract client information workflow has error, the selector for attach window is not working
The navigate to per work item workflow gives the error - acme unauthorized.

@Herondale indicate the screen in attach browser activity once again and check whether it works or not.

I am getting the following error -
Invoke System1_ExtractClientInformation workflow: Activity timeout exceeded
System exception. Max number of retries reached. Activity timeout exceeded at Source: Invoke System1_ExtractClientInformation workflow: Find Image - ClientID

Also, the ACME page that is open, it closes automatically, I have not put the system1_close workflow, but still this happens

@Herondale u have to debug the process step by step bro.

I have tried that, the individual workflow files are working
Now I tried to execute the Main file, and till the GetTransactionData it’s working, post that, to navigate to each work item and extract the client information to generate the hash value, these two workflows are giving the error, I am not sure which step is wrong.
I have gone through the arguments and their types, that seems to be okay
So now I don’t understand where the problem is

Try what @Manjuts90 said by putting breakpoints and log messages so u can debug it easiely

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All right, I will try that

So, I tried that, and was able to complete the bot. But, when I am submitting the assignment, I am getting very less correct items. I have gone through articles and trimmed the ocr text, but the status is still failed. The status is getting updated to completed.

Thank you for your help, I was able to complete it.

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